Can social workers switch off during the holidays?

Social workers are known to take work home with them, but were they able to put it out of their minds over Christmas?

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With January now well underway, the holidays are but a warm memory to keep us going during the winter months ahead.

While emergency duty team staff worked over Christmas, on call for anyone in need, many social workers took time off.

For some, it was a time of relaxation, festive lights, family and food, a time to shed their titles and recharge before the new year’s responsibilities came knocking again.

The struggle to switch off during the holidays

However, many social workers reported it was difficult to leave the stresses of the day job behind and have a proper break over the festive season.

A Community Care poll, that amassed 422 votes, found that 43.5% of social workers were not able to switch off during the holidays and kept thinking about work.

This was more than the 35.6% who were able to unwind and enjoy the holidays. The rest of the respondents (20.9%) worked over the festive period.

What helps you switch off during the holidays?

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