A groundbreaking course preparing care leavers and other young people for independent living

A sponsored feature from education charity ASDAN about its new course, Moving On, supporting young people in their journey towards independence

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Over the next year, approximately 12,000 young people in England will leave care aged just 18 years old.

While many will have a Staying Put arrangement or equivalent with their foster carers, a number will be expected to live much more independently than their peers at this stage of their lives, often without any formal or structured support on how to build a home, take care of themselves, manage their finances or start a career.

Recognising this critical need, the education charity and awarding organisation, ASDAN has launched a brand-new course, developed alongside practitioners, to help these young people with the transition into adult life.

Moving On has been designed for care leavers, but the programme is beneficial for all young people on their journey towards independence.

About the Moving On course

The course is structured around five key modules, aligned with the five core areas of care leaver pathway plans:

  1. Building a home – tenancy, home maintenance, laundry, cleaning and home safety.
  2. Being healthy – physical health, emotional wellbeing, eating habits and personal safety.
  3. Starting your career – education, exploring and applying for jobs and being an employee.
  4. Managing money – budgeting, borrowing, saving, spending and financial support.
  5. Relating to people – identity, healthy relationships, boundaries, support and community.

Jamie Diwell, education manager at care provider A Wilderness Way, which has piloted Moving On, says: “Moving On is so helpful, easy to use and doesn’t take much upkeep. It’s so straightforward that (a setting) can just pick it up on day one and start delivering it.

“The course has given our young people the tools to build the stairs to get to where they want to be. Moving On really broadens their horizons. It gives young people a choice and builds their life skills and confidence to take control of their future.”

ASDAN’s operations director, James Foyle, adds: “We’ve spent the past year working with an engaged group of centres to pilot Moving On, trusting them as experts in the young people they work with to ensure our programme meets their needs.

“The feedback we’ve received has been so positive and insightful. We’re confident this course will benefit young people leaving care, but also equip a whole range of young people leaving the family home with the essential skills and knowledge they need to start living independently.”

Find out more about Moving On:

0117 941 1126 / info@asdan.org.uk / www.asdan.org.uk/moving-on

About ASDAN:

ASDAN is an education charity and awarding organisation providing courses, accredited curriculum programmes and regulated qualifications for young people with diverse needs. Our goals are to:

  • engage them through relevant and motivating courses to achieve meaningful learning outcomes;
  • elevate them to go on to further education, training and work;
  • empower them to take control of their lives.

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