Adoption reform and social work: what you need to know

Baby on a swingFrom scorecards and government targets to inspection changes and high-profile appointments, adoption has rarely been out of the news over the past year. We’ve brought together all our adoption news, guidance, good practice and opinion to help you get your head around the government’s reforms and brush up on your practice.

Social workers reject government’s adoption reforms
Nearly 70% of social care professionals do not support the government’s adoption reforms, a national survey by Community Care has revealed.
The future of adoption social work
There is no doubt that adoption is this government’s policy of choice when it comes to children’s services.
Supporting families post adoption
The provision of mental health services to support adoption has always been patchy.An alternative adoption action plan
Eight years ago Sally Donovan adopted two children from the UK care system.
Adoption: Why preparation shouldn’t be rushed
Preparing to become an adoptive parent is a complex and arduous process, but it is essential to the long-term success of an adoptive placement and must not be rushed, says adoptive mother-of-two Sally Donovan in her third guest blog.
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