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Read the latest articles featuring the experiences of social workers employed at Lincolnshire County Council.



21 September 2023

How one council is giving social workers the autonomy to empower adults. Read more here.

mother and daughter packing suitcase for vacation By cherryandbees

29 February 2024

‘There aren’t many roles where you get to take a child on holiday’: the benefits of residential care work. Read more here.

12 August 2021

“We work to people’s strengths to bolster their confidence and nurture the best in them.” Read more here.

30 June 2023

How one council secured a second consecutive outstanding rating for children’s services. Read more here.

13 October 2020

How we keep wellbeing at the forefront of our workforce priorities. Read more here.

20 April 2022

How working in residential care enables staff to build one-on-one relationships with young people. Read more here.

12 November 2022

Working in long-term teams enhances the peer-to-peer learning experience. Read more here.

19 January 2021

Shaping the next generation of social workers through learning. Read more here.

13 August 2020

How one council stayed connected to staff during the pandemic. Read more here.

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