Employer Zone articles from Lincolnshire County Council

Read the latest articles featuring the experiences of social workers employed at Lincolnshire County Council.

Adults Services

An older woman wearing a cap

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to career progression, LCC believes in the power of the individual to shape their career. Click here to read more.

Lincolnshire County Council’s proactive approach to providing staff training and wellbeing support during lockdown. Click here to keep reading.

Children's Services

Young therapist woman speaking and treating child, counselor and behaviour correction at pedagogue payroom taking notes on clipboard

Click here to learn more about how LCC secured a second ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating.

Click here to see how working in residential care enables staff to build one-on-one relationships with young people.

Laura Bonner shares her experience of working at Lincolnshire County Council. Click here for more.

Heather Sandy, Lincolnshire County Council’s DCS, talks about joining the team during the pandemic. Click here to keep reading.


Click here to read more about working in long-term teams enhances the peer-to-peer learning experience.

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