Newly qualified social workers

As NQSWs struggle to find suitable employment, Community Care offers advice and explores the issues

In its interim report to ministers, the Social Work Task Force found too many newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) in England were being ‘”thrown in at the deep-end’” leading some to burn out and eventually leave, exacerbating the problem of high staff turnover.To address this, support programmes for NQSWs were rolled out across the country. The programmes have had mixed reviews, with some arguing that employers simply don’t have the capacity to offer extra support and supervision to newly qualified staff.Either way, it is hoped the learning from these programmes will feed into development of an assessed and supported year in employment.Meanwhile, many newly qualified social workers are struggling to find a social work job in the first place. Community Care has pulled together some advice on what to do if you’re in a similar position.Plus, if you’re a student looking to find out what your first job might be like, why not visit our dedicated Student Zone?

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