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Check UK social work departments' vacancy rates, pay levels, inspection results and much more, to help you find the perfect job

job change tool

Looking for a new local authority social work job? Our council job change tool lets you find all the information you need about a prospective employer in one place.

To use the tool, choose what you would like to compare in the drop down menu on the top left and the key will tell you what the colours mean. You can navigate around the map manually and zoom in to a particular area. Or, you could enter the name of the local authority, e.g. “Essex”, in the box to the right and click on “Find your local authority”. The map will zoom in to the area. To see the full list of data for your required council, simply click on the relevant part of the map.


Please note, the data for the tool was collected in 2012 and is not being updated, so it only represents a snapshot in time

Sources: Vacancy rates, agency rates and violent incidents: Community Care research (2012). Population estimates: Office for National Statistics (2010). Median pay: National Minimum Dataset for Social Care (2012).If you have any feedback or questions about the tool or the data, please contact produced for Community Care by and

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