How and why social workers look for a new job

Download the full findings from Community Care’s exclusive research into social work jobseeking behaviour to find out how to tempt quality social workers to move roles

flexible working


Working as a full-time, permanent employee is now the more popular option for social workers – with almost three-quarters (73%) saying this was their preferred working status compared to two-thirds when asked in 2016.


Community Care’s exclusive jobseeker research, available to download in full today, also found that agency and part-time social work is losing its appeal and one in 10 social workers are looking to leave the profession.


The research, based on a survey with 1,118 social workers, shows that pay has risen back up the agenda as the second most important factor tempting social workers to shift jobs.


This is the third time Community Care has run the biennial survey meaning trends have been tracked since 2014.


Those preferring to work as locums made up just 12% of respondents compared with 16% in 2016 and those preferring to work part-time has dropped to 20% compared to 27% back in 2014.


Some respondents commented they had gone back to full-time work recently after failing to see any beneficial impact on their work-life balance from having less contracted hours.


The full report of findings, including social worker’s top rated benefits and how social workers assess the quality and reputation of future employers, is available now.

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