The State of Personalisation

Adult social workers are becoming more doubtful that the personalisation agenda will deliver for service users or themselves, an exclusive Community Care survey in association with Unison has found.

What’s more, impending cuts in councils’ budgets could cause personalisation to stagnate, social care professionals fear.

On this web page you can read full analysis of the exclusive research carried out by Community Care in association with Unison.

Click play on the office image below to find out how bureaucracy and levels of qualified social workers have changed since personalisation was introduced two years ago. By hovering your mouse over the different parts of the image you will find four figures to click on.

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Click on the YouTube videos below to hear from Unison’s Helga Pile about the challenges facing the workforce and from London social worker Beverley Latania about the impact of personalisation in her area..

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It was supposed to herald a revolution in service user power, but the indications are that personalisation has yet to win the hearts and minds of social workers.

Two-thirds of social workers have seen an increase in bureaucracy as a result of personalisation. One in eight respondents to our survey with Unison have seen a reduction in social workers in their teams, while 16% have seen an increase in the number of non-social work qualified staff. Mithran Samuel examines what these changes mean.

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