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Social work vacancy rates 2011

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Use this interactive map to find out the vacancy rates in your local authority, broken down into children’s and adult services. The data comes from Freedom of Information requests sent to all local authorities and health and social care trusts in the UK.

If the map does not automatically show the UK, you may have to scroll to the right location.

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Social work vacancy rates drop across Britain

social care vacancy rates dropSocial worker vacancy rates in local authorities have fallen despite the squeeze on recruitment and retention budgets.More

English vacancy rate still highest in Britain

home careEngland still has a higher vacancy rate than Scotland and Wales despite continuing efforts to reform the profession. More

College of Social Work: “We must be on our guard”

Maurice BatesMaurice Bates, interim co-chair of the College of Social Work, greets this year’s vacancy rates survey with cautious optimism. More

How one council reduced its vacancy rates

vacancy rates surveyRichmond Council overhauled its adult services department and reduced its overall vacancy rate from 36% in 2010 to 8%.More

The truth behind the fall in vacancies

home careThe consistently high vacancy rates in social work beg the question: are current staffing levels what we expect in the future? More

Vacancies: the frontline view

Vacancy rates the frontline viewA children’s social worker who has experienced consistently high vacancy rates asks where her employer is going wrong. More

How to recruit and retain a full workforce

home careWe examine some of the latest techniques to keep social workers and social care staff on the books. More

Join the debate

home careHow high is the vacancy rate in your team? How is it affecting your work and your
service users? Have your say on CareSpace
. More


Date Published: 15 September 2011


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