Vacancy rates

Social worker vacancy rates in the UK: a special report

Vacancy rates in your area

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Social work vacancies compared to other professions

One in 10 social work posts vacant

10%vacancy rateSocial work vacancy rates have increased despite the millions of pounds that have been pumped into recruitment and reforming the profession. More

Loughton: “We must build trust”

Children’s minister pledges to reduce caseloads and improve morale in a bid to increase social worker numbers. More

Vacancies: the reality

A children’s social worker speaks out about the realities of working with high vacancy rates. More

Northern Ireland has lowest vacancy rate

Giants causewayNorthern Ireland’s 4% vacancy rate is by the far lowest in the UK and reflects better workforce planning. More

How one council halved its vacancy rate

12% vacancy rateCoventry Council overhauled its recruitment strategy to reduce soaring social worker vacancy rates. It now has a vacancy rate of 12% compared to 24% last year. More


The council with the highest vacancy rate

38% vacancy ratePublic spending cuts, competition from neighbouring councils and the “baby P” effect have been blamed for Thurrock Council’s 38% vacancy rate. More

Sector pledges action

Keith Brumfitt Reduced bureaucracy, the reform programme and increased recruitment funding will improve social work, pledge sector leaders. More

Join the debate

CareSpace logoHow high is the vacancy rate in your team? How is it affecting your work and your service users? Have your say on CareSpace  More


Date Published: 13 July 2010


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