Practice guidance issued to social workers in Wales

Social workers who fail to follow new Care Council for Wales guidance risk being struck off

The Care Council for Wales is issuing social workers and their employers in Wales with guidance sets how what they must do to comply with the regulator’s code of practice.

The 28-page guidance document covers the gamut of social worker activities for safeguarding and confidentiality to staff supervision and advocating for service users.

It tells social workers to keep service users informed about how their information will be shared, actively offering to provide services in Welsh, and to understand and follow all relevant legislation and guidance.

Social workers are also expected to critically reflect on feedback from supervision and seek support whenever they have concerns about managing their caseloads.

Failure to follow the guidance could result in social workers being struck off the Care Council’s register.

Gerry Evans, director of regulation and professional standards at the Care Council, said: “This is a must-have document for all social workers practising in Wales. It sets out exactly what’s expected of social workers registered with the Care Council and is the cornerstone of good practice.”

“This guidance forms an important part of our wider work to professionalise the role of social workers. In particular, it will complement and enhance the work we have already started with partners to provide continuous learning and development for social workers at different stages of their career.”

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