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Care Act drives surge in demand for social workers but thousands of posts go unfilled

Social worker vacancy rates rose from 8% to 12% last year, figures from Health and Social Care Information Centre reveal

More than £10,000 had been withdrawn from the man's bank account (picture credit; Juice/Rex)

Poor social worker supervision among failings that left man financially exploited

February 11,2016

Local Government Ombudsman finds series of failings in Essex County Council’s response to financial exploitation concerns

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Care Act

Care Act ‘increasing tensions’ with NHS trusts over social worker integration

February 5,2016

Report finds integration in mental health is facing ‘unprecedented challenges’ as budgets tighten

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Photo: Gary Brigden

Council’s ‘disregard’ for Care Act triggers user-group complaint to CQC

February 10,2016

Watchdog is considering information received on Norfolk council. Local authority disputes claims of unlawful care

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child hero

A social worker who always remembers the cake: this week’s hero

February 8,2016

Lorraine Brown has been praised for her humour, thoughtfulness and supporting adults with person-centred practice

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Supervision meeting

Councils step up support for mental health social workers

February 5,2016

'Social work for better mental health' project will be piloted in eight areas

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secure facility in north london

Latest deprivation of liberty ruling has ‘huge implications’ for children’s social workers

February 5,2016

Experts say the case could soon be talked of as having a similar impact to Cheshire West itself in terms of the role of the state and its obligations to 16- and 17-year-olds

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question mark

‘Wellbeing is at the forefront of the Welsh act but no one seems to know what it is’

February 5,2016

A Welsh practitioner shares his concerns about the upcoming implementation of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act

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tube station mind the gap

Social work fast-track schemes: what we do and don’t know

February 3,2016

Fast-track training schemes will produce a quarter of all new children's social workers by 2018 but what's the impact of such rapid expansion?

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Lyn Romeo

How government’s social work reforms will affect adults’ practitioners

February 3,2016

While ministers' focus is on reforming children's social work, their proposals for the profession have significant implications for those working with adults

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Council tax hike not enough to fill care funding gap, warn town hall chiefs

February 1,2016

Increased tax would raise extra £400m in 2016-17, not enough to meet increased costs of living wage and care packages, says LGA

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No to pay cuts sign

Temporary reverse in pay cut for CQC service user advisers

January 29,2016

Pay for experts by experience will be higher for six months following row over provider's decision to halve rates

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Budget cut

Council proposes to shed over 50 social work posts in cuts plan

January 28,2016

Plans mean fewer face-to-face reviews, longer waits and reduced care packages for adults, and risk of increased caseloads for staff

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baby laughing

How do you define a child’s ‘welfare’ as opposed to ‘wellbeing’?

January 28,2016

Dr Julie Doughty, law lecturer at Cardiff University, explains the issues raised by Welsh legal changes for social workers

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soldier in uniform hugging daughter

Behind the wire: meet the social workers supporting military families on an RAF base

January 28,2016

Rachel Schraer spent a day with the support workers matching up modern day practice with the military values that can, at times, seem stuck in the 1950s

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Picture credit: REX/Monkey Business Images

Social work’s new regulator will cost millions. Who will foot the bill?

January 27,2016

Community Care takes a closer look at the implications of the government's decision to set up a new social work body

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Resident and staff member in care home

Direct payments for residential care delayed until 2020

January 27,2016

Planned roll-out in 2016 deferred for four years, but pilot areas will be able to continue offering direct payments to care home residents

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Putting crosses in boxes

CQC to inspect services less often as budget falls

January 26,2016

Regulator bids to use better intelligence gathering to focus reduced resources on services with greatest risk

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sight loss

The simplest actions that make a huge difference to someone with sight loss

January 26,2016

Losing your sight is often a fundamental fear for many people.
Our experience helping people face it as a reality has taught us that in fact the most devastating impact is the loss of independence and confidence that happens when…

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