Big Brother will stay in the frame

Now it’s official. The government’s plans to install 10,000
surveillance cameras in Britain’s high streets will do little to
reduce crime, according to South Bank University researchers.

While monitoring the cameras in Sutton it was found that crime
fell by 13 per cent.

But crime in the borough as a whole fell by 30 per cent because
of simpler initiatives such as locking multi-storey car parks over
night and giving security guards pagers so they can keep in touch
with their control room.

So what good will they do. Well, there is one use the cameras
could be put to, as Princess Diana’s recent experience at a Harvey
Nichols store is testimony to. She was caught on film ‘laughing and
flirting’ with property developer Christopher Whalley.

Big Brother’s had a good year and he’s looking forward to a
better one.

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