Adoptive mother wins

Steven Vickers, an 18-year-old man with cerebral palsy, has lost
the right to prevent his mother having a say in his life, following
a decision in the Appeal Court.

Marjorie Vickers, his adoptive mother, appealed against a High
Court order allowing him to decide where to live and which school
to attend.

Steven Vickers was taken into care when he was 16 after his
mother opposed him attending a special school. The care order ran
out when he was 18, which is when he sought the injunction against
his mother.

Last week the Appeal Court decided that Marjorie Vickers
accepted that her son was benefiting from attending school, so
there was no need for an injunction.

Steven Vickers’ solicitor Paul Gardner said: ‘The law only
recognises disability in the form of mental incapacity, and not
physical disability. We formed the view…that there was an
opportunity for the law to intervene for someone who is mentally
capable, but has a physical disability.’

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