Good practice for alcohol recovery project staff

Good practice for alcohol recovery project staff

Alcohol Services Manual

Produced by and available from Alcohol Recovery Project Ltd, 68
Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DF

£25.00 (inc p&p)

This manual has been produced as a sample of good practice for
alcohol recovery project staff. It outlines the specific elements
of ARP’s service, and their policies and procedures on
confidentiality, equal opportunities, and child protection, among
others. It will also serve as a good model on which to base and
develop new or expanding alcohol services. It is probably better
adapted to social workers than to alcohol counsellors.

The pack is clearly divided into six useful sections which
include Social Work Methods, Social Work Policies and Housing
Management for Rehabilitation and Resett-lement. There are helpful
chapters on exploring self-disclosure, client access to files, and
evaluation and monitoring, but the guidelines for multi-substance
misuse are somewhat limited.

It is not meant to be a training manual but a practitioner’s
aide, both for ARP staff and those from other agencies in the
field. Clearly ARP has spent some effort in trying to produce a
document which workers dealing with alcohol problems will find
useful on a day to day basis.

Chris Bishop

is a trainer and counsellor, Cornwall Alcohol and Drugs Age0ncy

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