Private home owners allege victimisation

Private care home owners are urging the Department of Health to
tackle local authorities which fail to adhere to ‘lighter touch’
inspection guidance. Shelia Scott, chief executive of the National
Care Homes Association, has complained to the DoH of five cases of
‘heavy handed’ inspection. One home owner was subjected to 41 hours
of inspection over two days, she says.

Scott says the home owner was picked on because he is a leading
member of the local care homes association.

Graham Lewis, a spokesperson for the National Association of
Inspection and Registration Officers, agreed 41 hours seemed a lot,
‘but there may be reasons there which we are not aware of’.

He dismissed Scott’s further claims of victimisation. ‘There’s
no evidence to support any victimisation, and inspection officers
do not victimise NCHA members.’

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