That’s my boy

That’s my boy

As a social worker, do you sometimes feel unappreciated,
unwanted, unloved? Fear not! Allow the next few lines of prose to
warm the very cockles of your heart.

The subject is Iain McKenzie, co-ordinator of a Church of
Scotland’s addictions unit in Inverness, and it was written by his
eight-year-old son Simon.

Iain MacKenzie [sic]

Iain is a very busy man. He works as a social worker. If you
don’t know what a social worker is, well sorry it is private!

Iain likes his work. He has a fat tum. I think he weighs 18
stone. He is a kind man. I like Iain. Well he is my dad.

Iain works right beside the hospital. He is 38. He likes walking
and cycling. Sometimes he says he will be home at five and he gets
home at six. He has a good sense of humour as well.

He likes denim jackets, denim jeans, leather jackets as

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