Adoptees group gains legal right to search for triplet

The National Organisation for Counselling of Adoptees and
Parents has won the right to search for a triplet who was adopted
separately from her siblings 68 years ago.

The high court last week granted Norcap the right to try and
find the woman, who was separated from her brother and sister after
their mother died the day after their premature birth in 1932.

Norcap founder Pam Hodgkins, who was granted the application,
said the government should look again at the issue in the light of
new human rights legislation and amend the proposed adoption bill

“It is not just elderly triplets who need the opportunity to
find each other. I felt I was being two-faced in having to prove
this case was exceptional. Surely it is the most natural thing to
want to know one’s brothers and sisters?” said Hodgkins.

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