A summary of social care stories from the main newspapers

By David Callaghan.

Seven bills scrapped as ministers run out of

The government has dropped seven bills because parliament will
be dissolved this week in preparation for the general election.

The bills to fall will include the homes bill, which would have
placed a duty on local authorities to provide continuing support to
care leavers, and the adoption and children bill. It had been
anticipated that the adoption bill would not make it to the statute
bill before the election, but ministers have promised to revive it
if Labour is returned.

The health and social care bill, which will establish new care
trusts, is though expected to make it through and become law this

Source:- The Guardian Wednesday 9 May page 2

Birmingham to seek legal zones for

Councillors in Birmingham are expected to ask the government to
change the law and decriminalise soliciting for prostitutes in some
areas of the city.

The council wants to establish zones of tolerance for
prostitution in areas where it does not cause alarm, nuisance or
distress to residents.

The new zones would be established in industrial areas away from
the residential districts of the city. But the police and
prostitutes’ representatives oppose the plan.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 9 May page 4

Guardian Society

Could do better

What have social policy professors made of Tony Blair? The
Social Policy Association asked 36 leading members to identify a
noteworthy achievement by Labour, but also to highlight a priority
for a second term.

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May pages 2, 3

Status quo challenged

Scottish review could trigger big changes in charity law

A shake-up in charity law in Scotland proposed by the Scottish
charity law commission means thousands of community groups and
voluntary organisations could register as charities.

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May page 4

Justice in the round

From the isolated communities of Canada comes a new approach
that aims to tackle the failure of criminal courts to prevent

Source: Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May page 5

Screen savers

While big business has embraced IT, a Guardian-backed survey
shows charities are slow on the uptake.

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May page 10

Flying in the face of stereotypes

Profile Darra Singh, council chief executive, aiming to
update Luton’s image

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May page 11

High on hope

Cash and confidence both on offer in a new anti-drugs

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May page 12

Snappy families

Raekha Prasad on a fostering support service aimed at healing
traumas between parents and children

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May pages

Anna: the fatal failings

Head of inquiry’s target is to prevent child abuse tragedies. An
interview with Lord Laming

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 9 May page 95

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