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Just to say how informative the seminar on child abuse here at
Islington was today.

There is clearly a huge gap between the awareness of people like
Mary Walsh of SACCS of the dangers of placing attachment disordered
abused youngsters in adoptive families, and that of most social
services departments.

We would like to contact others who would be interested in
trying to address why this awareness gap is so resistant to change,
especially as it leads to such severe trauma for both the children
and the potential adoptive families.

Please contact Adoption Problems at

Question 1: A Community Care survey has
revealed that more than half of social workers working in children
and families services believe they are not adequately trained to do
the job properly.

What are the implications for children’s services of

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“I have been working for a local authority for 18 months. I had
minimal training prior to this and I am still awaiting my induction
course!! I hold a case load of approximately 18 cases. This is
quite appalling and needs to be addressed.”

“I work with someone who was guaranteed a place on a DIPSW
course at university, which has now been oversubscribed by our
social services department by 50 per cent. So it is no wonder that
people are leaving the profession!” 

Question 2: Some social workers believe Quality Protects
is a good policy, but the government has failed to provide enough
resources to make it work effectively?

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“Have Your Say”, Community Care’s online discussion
forum, is launched at Community Care Live today.
Join the debate at the conference in the Business Design Centre in
Islington, London, or from your office desktop, and give us your
views on a topical issue you feel strongly about.

This is an opportunity to e-mail your opinions on a
controversial subject and see how people respond to what you

The following sessions have been chosen for Have Your Say


Protecting Children: An international perspective on
children’s rights
(12pm in the auditorium)

Quality Protects: The best way to give children a better
chance in life?
(2.30pm in the auditorium)


Tackling Poverty: International Perspectives on the role
of social work
(11am auditorium)

Youth Justice: how does the UK compare? (11am
room 4)

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