Shropshire’s motivated staff and managers praised in joint review

    Shropshire social services department serves most people well
    and has promising prospects, a report by the Audit Commission and
    Social Services Inspectorate published this week reveals.

    The joint review report praises the vision and leadership of
    managers, and a well-motivated workforce willing to learn from

    However, it states that despite some very good services for
    children and young families there is insufficient access to
    preventive and support services.

    “The choice of family and residential placements is limited and
    some of the growing number of looked-after children are
    experiencing a lot of moves,” it concludes.

    The report also highlights “a pressing need” for Shropshire to
    plan for the future workforce and recruit and keep staff in key

    n Meanwhile, a Best Value Inspectorate report on Warwickshire
    Council’s social services finance system published last week
    praises the council for effectively monitoring its budgets,
    avoiding overspends, and having a clear payment system for foster
    carers and independent care providers.

    The council was awarded a good two star rating. However,
    concerns were raised over the need for finance staff and social
    workers to collaborate more to ensure good customer care for
    services users and providers.

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