Government extends sex offender register

An extension of the sex offenders register to cover more
offenders is proposed in a series of measures published for public

The range of offences that lead to registration will be
extended, and an increased number of offenders convicted of
indecent assault will be placed on the sex offenders’
register, according to the measures outlined in report of the
review of part 1 of the sex offenders’ act 1997.

Courts would have to decide whether a violent offence was
sexually motivated, and if so require the offender to register.
Burglary with intent to rape would become an offence requiring
automatic registration.

Police would be given powers to apply to a magistrates court for
an ‘order to register a sex offender’. Both UK and
foreign national sex offenders convicted overseas, will be subject
to the same registration requirements as sex offenders convicted
here, when in the UK.

Sex offenders would also have to notify the police in person of
any change of name or address within eight days, as opposed to 14
days by post, as is currently the case.

Home office minister Beverley Hughes said: “This is a very
important review. Its proposals would serve to enhance greatly the
operation and effectiveness of the sex offenders’ register,
and contribute to the protection of the public from dangerous
offenders along with the raft of other government safeguards
already in place.”

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