Teenage curfew powers ‘unpopular and divisive’

Offenders rehabilitation agency Nacro raised concerns this week
about the extension of the child curfew scheme.

Nacro spokesperson Chris Stanley said the powers could end up
being “popular with no one and virtually impossible to enforce” and
could exacerbate tension and conflict between the police and young

“Neighbour mediation or ensuring bored teenagers have positive
things to do in the evening are more likely to reduce nuisance
problems than giving police powers to round up children, regardless
of whether they have done anything wrong or not,” Stanley said.

Legislation came into force last week to extend application of
local curfew orders available to local authorities and police from
children under 10 to those under 15.

The scheme is designed to protect communities from anti-social
behaviour and protect children from the risk of being on the
streets between the hours of 9pm and 6am.

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