Investigation likely after boy dies from strangulation

An investigation is likely to be launched into the death of a
six-year-old boy in Bedfordshire, writes Clare

Jason Hills was found dead at his home, and his death is being
treated as murder. The post-mortem results confirmed he had been
strangled by ligature.

Police confirmed a man has been arrested and is in custody in
hospital under supervision. The police said it was highly unlikely
that the man, who is believed to be Jason’s father, would be
interviewed for several days.

A social services spokesperson said it was likely that a Part 8
review would take place, but a formal decision would follow the
criminal investigation.

Social services had been made aware of Jason earlier in the
year, although it was decided that he was not at risk.

“We investigated the circumstances of this family following a
referral in June,” the spokesperson said.

“A child in need assessment was conducted, and no further action
was required from a child protection point of view, at that time.
Jason was not placed on the child protection register,” she



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