Parents criticise NSPCC investigation into abuse

Solicitors representing parents who allege their children were
abused while attending Betts Way special needs residential home in
South London have criticised an NSPCC investigation into the

An independent investigation, led by the NSPCC and involving
police and social services, found no evidence that any young person
suffered harm or abuse at Betts Way home in Anerly, Kent.

But solicitors acting for eleven families who are taking legal
action against Bromley social services and Bromley NHS Primary Care
Trust, are alleging there was a failure to protect their children
from abuse. They said the NSPCC report told “only part of the
story” and “reality has been distorted”.

Nicola Harney, who is representing the families, said that
parents had been told by those that carried out earlier
investigations at the home, and by NSPCC investigating officers,
that it is likely that some of the children who went to Betts Way
were sexually abused.

“Misleading reports of this nature do nothing but add insult to
injury,” she said.

Barry Graham, NSPCC director of education and community
services, said: “We are an independent service that focuses on
children and has a good reputation. As in any investigation, we are
not declaring that no abuse has taken place, but that we
didn’t find evidence.”




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