Easier evictions for anti-social tenants

government looks set to reform the procedure for using anti-social
behaviour orders to make it easier for local authorities to evict
nuisance tenants.

and regeneration minister Lord Falconer said the system was too
complex and long-winded.

at last week’s National Housing Federation conference, Lord
Falconer said: “Anti-social behaviour orders need to be used more
but we must improve the procedure.”

He said
that people were anxious about giving evidence in court and that
local authorities should have the power to make decisions about
whether an anti-social behaviour order should be imposed.

But he
added that it was important to look at the problems of the people
who caused trouble for the rest of the community. “We need to help
them as well,” he said.

also stressed the importance of involving ethnic minorities in
local strategic partnerships. He said their needs had not been
focused on enough, adding: “We have seen this summer that this has
caused horrendous problems. Local strategic partnerships must focus
on the needs of ethnic minorities, not just in relation to housing
but overall.”

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