Lauren`s stepmother sent to prison for 15 years

The stepmother convicted of the manslaughter of Lauren Wright
has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Tracey Wright, who was also convicted of wilful neglect,
inflicted many injuries on the six-year-old including a blow to the
stomach which caused her digestive system to collapse. She was
given 10 years for the manslaughter charge and five years for
wilful neglect to run consecutively.

Lauren’s natural father, Craig Wright, was given three-year
sentences for manslaughter and wilful neglect to run concurrently.
He was not accused of causing any harm to Lauren, but of failing to
protect her.

Lord Laming has accepted a request from Norfolk social services
department, which admitted errors were made in the handling of
Lauren’s case, for the issue of human mistakes to be considered by
the Climbie inquiry.

Alison King, leader of Norfolk council, said: “We have been open
and honest about the failings in the case of Lauren Wright.

“We must do everything we can to keep the risk to our children
to an absolute minimum – although as long as wicked people live
among us it will never be possible to guarantee their safety,” she

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