Minister urges councils to ensure children in temporary housing are protected

Children placed in temporary bed and breakfast accommodation
must receive regular checks on their health and development,
according to housing minister Sally Keeble.

Keeble has called for new guidance to be issued to local
authorities because she is so concerned that the most vulnerable
children are not receiving special services designed to protect

“Homeless families are especially vulnerable. It is essential
young babies and children in temporary accommodation, especially in
hostels and bed and breakfast, receive follow-up visits from
community midwives and health visitors,” she said.

Keeble stressed there were examples of good practice such as
Sheffield, which had a multi-agency team to notify primary health
services, organised visits by health visitors and monitored

The Housing Inspectorate will be asked to look at this area
during inspections of relevant services following Best Value
reviews. Keeble has also asked the government’s bed and breakfast
unit to raise the issue with local authorities, and to include the
dissemination of best practice in its work.




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