Local authorities confront executive over plans for older people

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities has warned that
services could face cuts unless the Scottish executive convenes
urgent talks on the funding of new national standards for older
people in care announced by health minister Susan Deacon.

Cosla supports the standards themselves, which end the
distinction between nursing home and social care, guarantee the
availability of single rooms to all residents, introduce a personal
plan for every resident and other major changes.

But in a formal statement the convention revealed that during
the consultation period it had urged the Scottish executive to hold
discussions on the cost of introducing such standards, which have
not yet taken place.

Cosla accepts that achieving the new standards will require
staff to obtain additional training and new skills which have to be
fully recognised and funded. Such progress comes at a price and
Cosla is concerned that if such developments are not fully funded
councils will be forced to cut back in other service areas.

Cosla’s social services and health improvement
spokesperson, councillor Ronnie McColl, said: “It is vital that all
additional costs are properly resourced by central government,
which means they have to pick up the full tab.”




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