Family of eight takes court action over council failures

A Bristol family has accused the council of failing to address
their social and housing needs and launched a judicial review
challenge in the high court, writes Katie

The family of eight has moved five times over the last 10 years
due to “racist campaigns” by neighbours, their barrister Stephen
Knapfler claimed.

The council declared the parents “intentionally homeless” in May
after leaving their former home in the city, which removed their
right to public housing. Officers also secured anti-social
behaviour orders against three of their sons.

Core assessments carried out by the council regarding the
children’s needs failed to specify how their problems will be
met and how the family can be accommodated in a single stable
environment, claims the family’s lawyers.

Knapfler said the council had failed in its duty to identify the
help needed for the family to secure stable accommodation and
improve the boys’ behaviour, and how that help would be

The family is seeking a court order for the council to assess
their needs appropriately and make proposals to meet them.

They are now being housed temporarily by the council, pending
the outcome of the case, which is expected to return to court in




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