Laming announces details of phase two of Victoria Climbie inquiry

Lord Laming told the Victoria Climbie inquiry this morning that
phase two of the inquiry would be made up of two parts, and that
issues and questions to be addressed will be published in a paper
shortly, writes Lauren Revans.

The first part will be an open invitation for people who have
something to say on the issues and subjects outlined to send in a
written submission to the inquiry, and responses deemed relevant by
Laming will then be treated as evidence and circulated.

The second part will take the form of a series of day seminars
which will be chaired by Neil Garnham, QC for the inquiry, and
observed by Laming and his team of assessors.

Between 12-20 people will be invited to participate in each
seminar. The seminars are expected to take place between mid March
and the end of April and will be held in public.

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