Communication and the Care of People with Dementia

By John Killick and Kate Allan.
Open University Press
ISBN 0 335 20774

a teacher who has worked for nine years with people with dementia, and a
clinical psychologist researching communication in dementia care, work out their
thoughts on the challenges, opportunities and ethical dilemmas associated with
interacting with people with dementia. At the start, they were not sure what
they were going to write, at the end they found it difficult to stop.

Greek mythology the Titans had four sons. Atlas held up the world, Prometheus
(forethought) had the gift of prophecy, Epimethus (after-thought) opened
Pandora’s box, yet little is known of Menotuis (thinking). Now, thanks to
scholars in various disciplines, the mind body interactions of Menotuis are
beginning to be understood.

the body language of patients often gives away their thoughts. This book
challenged my learned responses and made me sit back and think. Its
well-referenced chapters will make a good background text for courses;
discussion at the end of each would assist students and service providers to
understand the need to see the "me" within the "he or she".

Millard is emeritus professor of geriatrics, St George’s Hospital Medical
School, London.

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