Solicitor points to unrealistic demands

Lisa Arthurworrey’s legal representative warned the inquiry
that the recruitment and retention problems blighting social services
departments nationally will not improve unless people were more realistic about
what a front-line social worker can be expected to do.

Jane Hoyal said that of all the witnesses Arthurworrey’s
account of Victoria’s case was the most reliable as it was based on
contemporaneous and detailed notes rather than memory coloured by hindsight.

She described the failure of the North Middlesex Hospital to
pass on all its concerns to Haringey as crucial to Arthurworrey’s handling of
the case.

Hoyal said neither the police nor the hospital could or
should have expected Arthurworrey to carry out their duties. "Lisa
Arthurworrey is not a paediatrician, detective or psychiatrist yet other
agencies have sought to shield behind her back."

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