Housing associations evict more tenants than councils

Housing associations in Scotland are now evicting at twice the
rate of local authorities, according to Shelter Scotland.

The figures, taken from statistics from Communities Scotland
which has now replaced Scottish Homes, indicates that for every
1,000 tenancies housing associations evict four compared with local
authorities evicting two tenants. According to Shelter Scotland,
this represents a 66 per cent increase in housing association
evictions between 1998 and 2001.

Gavin Corbett, head of campaigns at Shelter Scotland, said: “The
scale of the increase is a worrying trend as housing associations
face pressure to crack down on debt and anti-social behaviour.”

The figures are released as the fight against the proposed
transfer of Glasgow council’s housing stock to Glasgow
Housing Association reaches the final stage. Corbett said: “Glasgow
City Council tends to be one of the less aggressive councils as far
as eviction goes, and we would hope that policy could be inherited
by any new organisation.”

David Orr, director of the Scottish Federation of Housing
Associations, defended the figures. Orr said: “The majority of
tenants evicted by housing associations are those who have not and
will not pay their rent. It is unfair for other tenants to meet
that burden.”



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