Delay in new system for criminal records checks hinders staff registration

The Criminal Records Bureau is due to “go live“, but the delay
since its planned launch last July has already impacted on the
operation of the National Care Standards Commission,
writes Jonathan Pearce.

The CRB is the government’s new executive agency set up as
a “one-stop shop” for criminal records checks. Much of the
information was previously only available to statutory sector
bodies for staff who had “substantial unsupervised access” to

From March, registered organisations already using police and
child protection checks can apply for high level criminal records
checks on employees working with children or vulnerable adults,
with the scheme being extended in April to all registered bodies.
Basic disclosures for general recruitment purposes will not be
available until the summer.

But the NCSC – which will regulate and inspect care
services – has had to adjust its plans for the registration
of care service providers. NCSC registration will be a legal
requirement for most providers and the deadline for registration is
the end of March, including supplying staff criminal records

However, providers will have to wait until April to initiate
their checks, leaving the NCSC no choice but to allow the
registration process to go ahead.

* The NCSC issued more than 10,000 ‘Application for Registration
Packs’ to social care services and private and voluntary healthcare
services in England containing guidance and information on the
registration process.

Packs are available from or
on 0191 233 3556.



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