Reduction in private care provision continues

The number of private nursing homes, hospitals and clinics has
fallen once again, continuing the downward trend since 1998,
according to national statistics.

At the end of March last year there were around 5,700 private
nursing homes, hospitals and clinics, a fall of 3 per cent compared
with 2000.

The number of general nursing homes has fallen by 4 per cent,
and the number of nursing homes for people with mental health
problems by 3 per cent.

There were 186,800 registered beds, a fall of 3 per cent from
2000, and around 5 per cent lower than in 1996-97.

More than four fifths of occupied beds were taken by people aged
65 and over.

Further figures show that councils are providing more intensive
home care services, but to a smaller number of service users.

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