One in six considers suicide

Nearly one in six adults have considered suicide at some point
in their life, according to findings from the Office for National

A survey found that around 15 per cent of 16 to 74-year-olds in
Britain had considered suicide at some point in their life, while 4
per cent had thought about suicide in the past year and less than
half a per cent in the past week.

Suicidal thoughts were more likely among women, younger adults,
divorced people, lone parents and those living in rented
accommodation. Increased rates were also found among those with
psychosis, current neurotic disorder, alcohol and drug dependence
and those who experienced several stressful life events.

Just over 4 per cent of respondents had ever attempted suicide.
Psychosis and the number of stressful life events a person has
experienced had the greatest influence on suicide attempts.

‘Non-fatal suicidal behaviour among adults’ from






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