Scheme to pay grandparents for childcare criticised

Paying grandparents to provide childcare for their grandchildren
is not the answer to the shortage of childcare in Britain, the
Daycare Trust has warned, writes Katie

The charity says that paying grandmothers is at best “a short
term sticking plaster” to mask the failings in current services,
insisting that no other European country sees investing in informal
childcare as the way to achieve quality services.

Stephen Burke, director of the Daycare Trust, said that many
grandparents do not live close to their grandchildren, and those
who want to be paid for looking after children can be registered as

A spokesperson for the department for work and pensions said
that the government is looking at a scheme run by Nottinghamshire
council, which awards vouchers to child carers, including
grandparents, of up to £25 per child per week.

The Family Rights Group has launched a guide for grandparents
raising their grandchildren. ‘Second Time Around’ is based on the
recommendations of grandparents involved in a survey last year,
which found that inconsistent financial provision led to hardship
in 71 per cent of cases, a lack of legal security for grandparents
in this situation, and a court process which results in huge costs
for the grandparents.

‘Second Time Around’ from 020 7923 2628.





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