Paedophile’s history not to be disclosed

An application by a social services director
to reveal a paedophile’s background to potential landlords has been
refused by the high court.

Justice Bodey said he had to strike a balance between the need to
protect children and the need to prevent harassment of paedophiles
and their families.

granted permission for the housing association where the man and
his family are tenants to be told of his past so they can ensure
that children are not moved in to live near him. But the
association will face civil action if the information is

Further disclosure of the man’s
activities could be granted at a future date if considered

social services director, who can not be identified for legal
reasons, and the local chief constable had applied for permission
to reveal the man’s background to housing associations and private
landlords to whom he may apply for accommodation.

Although the man has never been
convicted of a sexual offence, the high court had previously found
him responsible for a 30-year record of abuse against a number of
children during a care hearing.

Bodey said that the man was “dangerous and manipulative”, posing a
considerable risk to children and vulnerable adults. But his
interests and the interests of his family if the information leaked
out had to be taken into consideration.


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