Inquiry highlights communication failures

Reading social services has been told to improve its
record-keeping after an inquiry into the care and treatment of
Winston Williams found failures in reporting and recording
information, writes Clare Jerrom.

In May 2000, Williams, who had a diagnosis of schizophrenia, was
found guilty of murdering Katie Kazmi. At the time of the murder in
September 1999 he was already subject to community psychiatric and
social services supervision.

“Much was known about Williams but there were failures in
recording and communication,” the inquiry by Thames Valley Health
Authority said.

The inquiry said national and local guidance on the care
programme approach were largely ignored. The patient and
significant others were always absent from CPA meetings, and the
process was eventually abandoned, the report says.

Risk management was “basically flawed”, it claims, and out
patient management was also “unplanned and chaotic”.





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