Pensions closure decision criticised

The British Association of Social Workers has
come under fire from a former employee over its decision to close
its final salary pension scheme to all employees.

Oakley, who was the association’s membership manager until six
years ago, believes the move is unethical and contradicts the
values BASW claims to stand for.

argues that the change to the scheme could leave long-term
contributors significantly poorer on retirement.

director Ian Johnston said the decision was taken by BASW Council
in December 2000, and was followed by a period of consultation with
the union Amicus before members of staff ceased to pay into the
scheme in 2001.

Johnston said BASW had followed
expert financial advice throughout the process, and that no final
decision had been made yet about the possibility of the association
absorbing all or part of the costs of preserving projected pension
entitlements of former and existing staff.

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