Kilshaws in new attempt to adopt twins

The Kilshaws who last year lost the twin baby girls they had
tried to adopt using the internet, are to launch an appeal to try
to clear their names and reclaim the children, writes
Alex Dobson

The case attracted huge publicity in April 2001 after Flintshire
council launched a legal action to take the twins away from the
couple, Judith and Alan Kilshaw, and return them to the United

Now Judith Kilshaw says that she is determined to take the case
back to the high court, and she and her husband are being helped by
a legal team that is prepared to work on a no fee basis.

“I wanted to appeal immediately because the decision was so
unfair, but at the time we did not have the money. I expect the
appeal to be heard quickly and we want to clear our names and
prevent the case from setting a precedent where social services can
act in the way that Flintshire did,” she said.

“We know of other cases in Flintshire where couples have been
allowed to adopt using the internet, but an emergency protection
order was used in our case and we have been vilified in the press
although we did nothing to harm the babies.”

She added that if the high court refused leave to appeal then
the couple would take the case on to the House of Lords and if
necessary to the European Court of Human Rights.

“If we are successful then it could mean that we could be
reunited with the twins as their future has not yet been

The twins are still living with foster carers in the USA after a
judge refused to return them to their natural mother.

Since their unsuccessful attempt to adopt last year, the
Kilshaws have been forced to sell their seven-bedroom £230,000
home in north Wales, and are now living in Chester. Alan Kilshaw
has been declared bankrupt, and was recently struck off as a

Flintshire council said it was unaware of an appeal against the
court ruling.

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