Have your say with the mental health tsar

Mental health tsar Louis Appleby is to answer questions on the
controversial draft mental health bill from visitors to
communitycare.co.uk and readers of Community Care

The proposed measures include compulsory treatment in the
community and the detention of people with dangerous and severe
personality disorders.

Also, approved social workers would lose their automatic
inclusion in mental health assessments.

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September. Please make the question brief.

Appleby’s replies will appear on this website on 3 October and
in the 3 October edition of Community Care.

The key points of the draft mental health

– The bill proposes a new legal framework for the compulsory
treatment of people with mental disorders. Compulsory treatment can
be used where it is necessary for the health or safety of the

– People with dangerous and severe personality disorders can be
detained even if they argue their condition is untreatable.

– Patients may be subject to community-based compulsory treatment
orders, but will be returned to secure accommodation if they fail
to comply with their terms.

– The role of approved social workers in deciding whether
compulsory powers can be used will be replaced by approved mental
health professionals.

The draft mental health bill can be accessed at


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