Man with dyslexia suing council and school for lost earnings

A man is suing Essex council and the governors of his former
school for over £400,000 compensation because he claims they
failed to diagnose and deal appropriately with his dyslexia.

The high court is due to hear the case of Wesley Henderson
verses Essex council and Greensward College on 14 October.
Henderson attended the mixed comprehensive school between 1991 and
1996, and claims he is a victim of “education negligence” because
his special educational needs were not met. Subsequently he says he
failed to achieve his academic potential and wants compensation for
his past and future lost earnings.

In turn, Greensward College has accused Henderson of being
“disruptive in class”, and that he made “insufficient effort”. It
also claims he did not accept the help that was offered to him and
had been involved in drug use while at the school.

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