Ministers urged to move on equality

Unions are to apply pressure on the government to go ahead with the
introduction of a Single Equality Act covering all forms of

Unions voted for a new act at the conference, and backed the
minimum requirements for the introduction of a single equality

Chairperson of the Disability Rights Commission, Bert Massie, told
the conference: “Without such a Single Equality Act there must be
serious doubts about the commitment we as a country put on creating
an equitable society for all our citizens.”

The single equality commission would mean the merger of the DRC,
the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities
Commission. It would also address religion and sexual

Chairperson of the EOC Julie Mellor told the TUC that, in 2002,
three-quarters of working women fell into just five categories of
occupation, including carers for children and older people.

“It is time to rethink the value of the work done by cleaners,
caterers, home care workers and shop assistants,” she said. “The
country would grind to a halt without them – it is time to pay them
a decent wage for the vital work they do.”

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