More research needed on alcohol misuse

The charity Alcohol Concern has called for more research into
alcohol misuse, in a new report called ‘100% Proof’,
writes Clare Jerrom.

More than a million older people are drinking at unsafe levels,
the report says, and this represents a 75 per cent increase among
women and 31 per cent rise among men in the last 10 years.

The report also points to unsafe drinking among young women aged
between 16 and 24, which has more than doubled over the past
decade. Young men’s drinking has also increased by over a

More than 30,000 early deaths each year are attributed to
alcohol misuse, figures in the report show, and around a
million children are living with parents who have drink

Yet despite these statistics, the charity claims that not enough
is known about the causes and impact of alcohol problems.

Eric Appleby, Alcohol Concern’s chief executive, said: “We
know very little, for example, about the reasons why certain groups
of people drink much more than others. Nor do we always know the
true impact of drinking problems on individuals, families and
society as a whole.”

While there is some valuable research taking place, it is often
on a fragmented basis and “patchy”, falling short of the needs of
policy makers and planners, he added.

The charity recommends future research concentrates on the
impact of alcohol on individuals and various populations, and its
influence on crime and the workplace.

The role of prevention and protection from drink problems should
be looked at, as well as what works best in terms of treatment.

For a full copy of ‘100% Proof’
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