Tips for running the webcast

Tips for the webcast

We recommend viewing the webcast on Windows 98 or above.

The webcast can be viewed on Windows Media Player which should
already be installed on your PC. We recommend that you use the
latest version (7) You can download it by clicking here. 

We also advise that you check that you have the right bandwidth
to view the webcast. Streaming media is best viewed over faster
modems. If you have a connection speed less than 28K you may have
problems viewing the webcast. Click here to do a line test, ( enter
any 3 digits for the area code.

If you have more than one person in an organisation wanting to
watch the webcast it would be better to use just one PC. The
running of more than one stream can cause a reduction in

There should be no problems watching the broadcasts through a

To view a test webcast click on the links below. One of them may
not work depending what version of Windows Media Player you

For any queries please call 020 8652 4882/4864

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