Registration Social workers’ fee levels still unknown

The General Social Care Council confirmed last week that an annual
fee linked to the registration of qualified social workers would be
introduced from next year.

Deputy chief executive Mike Wardle said fee levels had not yet been
confirmed but the GSCC was considering different levels to reflect
differing roles and responsibilities. Nurses currently pay £60
every three years for their registration, while doctors pay
£290 a year.

A spokesperson for the GSCC said responsibility for payment would
ultimately rest with the worker, although some organisations might
decide to pay it on behalf of staff as a recruitment and retention

Wardle suggested re-registration could occur every three years, and
workers would have to prove continuing professional development in
order to be re-registered.

A report from a council meeting last month on issues arising from
the consultation on registration said: “Over time, we will wish to
consult on a range of issues relating to continuing professional
development for registrants, including definitions of continuing
professional development, and the way in which it is monitored and

It has not yet been decided whether social workers facing
re-registration would face another check with the Criminal Records
Bureau. “It is one of the important decisions facing the council in
relation to re-registration,” the spokesperson said.

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