Contentious Issues

By Marianna Csoti.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1 84310 033

The central theme of Contentious Issues is the
promotion of social responsibility and awareness in 11 to 18 year

Topics range from “grassing” and cheating to stealing, bullying,
date rape and racism.

Each chapter starts with a fictional story highlighting a social or
ethical dilemma.

Attached is a discussion sheet to stimulate debate. There is an
additional sheet for the group leader in which possible responses
are detailed.

The facilitator should not provide the answers, but the sheets
serve as useful prompts.

The sheets also contain information about the issue being
discussed. For example, in the exercise about solvent abuse
questions are posed about peer pressure and the possibilities of
handling this.

The leader’s sheet contains facts about solvents and other drugs,
and the short- and long-term effects of taking them.

This book is culturally sensitive and morally unprejudiced. It will
be an invaluable resource for teachers, group leaders and parents,
and will help young people to approach problems and consider
options more thoughtfully and to seek help in the right

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