Wednesday 18 December 2002

By Amy Taylor, Nicola Barry and Alex

1,200 arrested in British paedophile raids

Over 1,200 teachers, doctors, care workers and policemen have
been arrested across the United Kingdom in raids against
paedophiles who had been users of an American internet service.

Forty children have been taken into care because they have been
abused or they might be at risk from parents or professional

Fifty police have been arrested during raids. Eight of these
have been charged and the others are on bail.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 18 December page 3

Couple grew wealthy on worldwide web of

When postal investigators in America raided the home of a rich
suburban couple they found out the credit card numbers of 300,000
paedophiles around the world.

Thomas and Janice Reedy ran a $1.4 million-a-month business,
with offices in Fort Worth, Texas, supplying the international
demand for paedophilic images.

Reedy was sentenced to 1,335-year prison sentence for 89 charges
including sexual exploitation of minors, distribution of child
pornography and conspiracy. Mrs Reedy was given 14 years.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 18 December page 3

Woman, 84, killed by muggers for £13

An 84-year-old woman was murdered by muggers for just £13
police said yesterday.

Catherine Wrenn of Hackney, East London, was found by neighbours
collapsed on her doorstep with head injuries.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 18 December page 8

Nativity pictures ban dropped by council

Edinburgh council has lifted its ban on allowing parents to
video and photograph their child’s nativity plays and carol
concerts after being threatened with legal action.

The change of heart came last night in an emergency meeting
between council lawyers and the ruling Labour group over a
solicitor’s letter from a parent threatening to take the council to

The council has suspended the guidelines until January when they
will be reviewed.

Source:- The Times Wednesday 18 December page 9

Can the cardinal shake off his tormentors?

The prelate’s naivety and principles have cost him dear in the
febrile hunt for child abuse suspects.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 18 December page

Media accused of witchhunt over paedophile

Many in the Catholic Church believe Cardinal Cormac
Murphy-O’Conor is the target of a media witchhunt.

His apologies have failed to satisfy critics led by BBC Radio
4’s Today programme, BBC2’s Newsnight, and
The Times.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 18 December page

Drive to attract poor students ‘failing’

The government’s efforts to persuade thousands of youngsters
from deprived homes to go to university is failing according to
official statistics published today.

Figures produced by the Higher Education Funding Council show
that the percentage of students who are recruited from areas with a
history of low participation in higher education and from working
class homes generally hasn’t changed, despite millions of pounds
being pumped into a campaign to try and change this.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 18 December page

Gallery director questioned over photo

An art gallery was in the middle of a child pornography inquiry
yesterday after putting a picture of a naked 12-year-old girl on

The picture, by the renowned Swiss artist Annelies Strba –
showing her daughter Sonja in the bath – is hanging in the
Rhodes+Mann gallery in Shoreditch, East London.

Scotland Yard said that gallery director Fred Mann faced
possible criminal charges under the Obscene Publications Act.

Source:- The Independent Wednesday 18 December page

Guardian Society

Presents imperfect

It sounded like a great idea – British school pupils sending
Christmas boxes to children in poorer lands. But Patrick McCurry
uncovers aspects of the operation that have shocked head

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

The skills gap

Talents of refugee women being ignored

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

Pensioned off

Islington council accused of ‘screwing the voluntary sector’

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

Confidence shaken

Small charities’ fear over proposed deregulation

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

Everyone’s a winner

Christopher Middleton discovers alternative board games without
a ruthless streak

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

Home Fry

It’s hard to imagine key workers going on strike during wartime.
But a new TV documentary reveals the bitter conflicts that flared
in Britain during the First World War.

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

Parting shots

Should community uses be found for redundant military based,
barracks and bunkers?

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

In loving memory

Profile: Virginia Low, supporting mentally ill people

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page


Voice of hope

A call centre with a difference has thrown a lifeline to an area
hit by industrial decline

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

Social care

Sarah’s choice

Mike George on the slow take-up of a funding scheme that helps
people with mental health troubles to help themselves

Source:- Guardian Society Wednesday 18 December page

Scottish newspapers

Council lifts ban on school pictures

Edinburgh council was forced into a humiliating climbdown
yesterday in the face of opposition to the ban on parents taking
photographs and video films of school nativity plays.

The controversial guidelines, drawn up in an attempt to prevent
paedophiles from getting access to images from school events, were
effectively ditched at an emergency council meeting.

Source:- The Scotsman  Wednesday 18 December page 1

Paedophile jailed for life after claiming to be

A paedophile who boasted of being an expert in abusing children
was jailed for life yesterday.

Maurice Crossley groomed victims by befriending women so they
trusted him with their sons. Crossley of Glasgow admitted indecency
charges against two boys, aged 11 and seven.

Source:- The Scotsman Wednesday 18 December page 4

Ban on prostitute tolerance zones could increase violent
crime, say police

Senior police warned yesterday that violent crime could increase
if MSPs refused to back a bill creating prostitute tolerance

Lothian and Borders and Grampian police said the sex industry
would be “driven underground” – attracting criminals, pimps and
drug dealers.

The proposed legislation would give councils powers to set up
areas where the legal duty to prevent soliciting in public places
would be suspended.

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 18 December page 7

Kirk sets deadline for home to close

The Church of Scotland has begun the deregulation process
leading to the closure of one of its care homes, despite the fact
that it is still occupied by 10 frail and elderly residents.

The move follows a bitter dispute between the Church of
Scotland, which says it can no longer afford to run Leslie House in
Glenrothes, Fife, and the residents’ families who maintain
the home offered the residents a home for life.

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 18 December page 6

HIV tests for city’s expectant

Expectant mothers in Glasgow are to be routinely screened for
HIV to stop the infection spreading to newborn babies.

Every mother-to-be will be given the test unless they opt out so
doctors can reduce the risk of their child contracting the AIDS

The proportion of fresh cases in the city caught through
heterosexual sex rose from less than a third to more than half last

Source:- The Herald Wednesday 18 December page 2

How child protection zealotry is helping to demonise all

When my sisters and I were small, we were taken to and from
school by a handyman who had a motorbike. One of us hitched up our
school skirt and sat behind him, while the others bundled

Source:- Daily Mail Wednesday 18 December page 10

Welsh newspapers

Battle to cope with childcare costs

Torfaen council in south Wales is struggling to meet the rising
demand for the social services it provides to children.

A new report says that the biggest costs are those for
‘looked after children’ and some placements are costing
the council up to £200,000 a year.

The report also highlights the falling number of experienced
foster carers, and the difficulties of staff recruitment within the

Source:- South Wales Argus Tuesday 17 December page

Teenage mothers cook up healthy option

Teenage mothers from some of the most socially deprived valleys
of Wales have been selected as role models in a national healthy
eating project.

The young women are leading the way in a pilot project from the
Food Standards Agency, which aims to introduce basic culinary
skills over a six-week period.

The young mothers attend the Books and Babies educational
project run by Barnardo’s in Llwynypia, Rhondda.

Source:- Western Mail Wednesday 18 December page 9

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